There are many important elements that go into the perfect wedding reception.  Of course you want the decor to be fabulous and the menu to be delicious but don’t forget about the music!  The right music can make or break a party.  Hiring the right DJ is extremely important for the life of your party.  You want to make sure the dance floor is packed and all your guests are having the time of their lives.

I’ve heard this comment a few times in the past couple of years “I’m just going to plug in my Ipod.” This is not a good idea and here are a few quick reasons why.  1) Your Ipod can’t make simple introductions and announcements the way your DJ can.  2) Your Ipod can’t feel the energy of the crowd and play appropriate songs accordingly and 3) Your Ipod can’t take requests. 

When I say “Listen to Your Own Style” I mean figure out your music style before signing up with your music vendor.  Many companies will of course give you lists of songs they have but they may not have some of your all time favorite songs that you love.  Not all companies are flexible with adding your songs to their list but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Toast and Jam is extremely flexible and knowledgeable about music and will guide you in the right direction.  They will also add any songs you want that they might not have within their collection. 



These DJ’s are all from Toast and Jam and they seriously get the dance floor going.  No cheesy tux wearing MC here!

Customizing the music to fit your style is just another fantastic way to personalize your event.  You don’t have to only play the Rat Pack all night long…..get creative and have your DJ mix in your style along with the all time faves (Shout anyone?)

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