I’m not going to lie, as I write this new post I’m under a lot of covers!  I hate being cold in the winter.  I was just catching up on my daily wedding reading when this “real wedding” from Martha Stewart Weddings, really caught my eye. 


The bride and groom served hot chocolate and hot apple cider as the guests arrived for the ceremony.  Each cup was customized special for their wedding. 

I think these place cards are so cute and go perfectly with the winter, rustic theme.  Using large, sturdy branches to hold the place cards  is an easy and cost effective idea. 

These mini cupcakes look fantastic in this branch cupcake stand.  The bare branches really set the tone and fit in with the rest of the wedding decor. 

The bride and groom gave all the male guests antique flasks and all the female guests soft, warm, winter boots (found at Target).  If you can’t afford to give all the guests such items, these are great ideas for the bridal party gifts.  The girls would look so cute in their wedding dresses and boots! 

These centerpieces are certainly perfect for a winter wedding.  I really love the use of fresh floral and the deep blue linens. It helps to create a fresh and bright looking table, even on a cold, snowy day.

I have to admit, I do feel much warmer after talking about all these great ideas!  Now all I need is some cozy winter boots and a cup of hot chocolate and I’d  be good to go!

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These days, couples are opting to not give party favors at their weddings, and for good reason.  Many options available are expensive and tend to use wasteful resources such as excessive packaging materials.  Even convenient online orders eventually cause pollutants from the required transportation and delivery.  

Purchase mini individual terracotta pots from your local floral vendor.  They can be filled with fresh herbs or flowers which your guests will love for months.  They can be packaged in a brown box without tissue paper and plastic wrap.  The florist can deliver them directly to your wedding allowing only one short trip.  After they have unloaded the gifts they can take the brown boxes back to their shop and re-use them. 

Another great idea is a little bamboo arrangement.  Bamboo grows amazingly well inside homes – especially in bathrooms that do not get a  lot of light.  It is a great way for your guests to bring life into their homes for years to come.  These little gifts can also be purchased at your local floral shop or China Town and require minimal packaging and shipping costs. 

A lot of couples are also opting to give money to a charity in lieu of a gift all together.  It’s a great way to support a cause that is important to you.  Let all your guests know you have donated money on their behalf; everyone will be happy they were a part of  your generosity. 


Party favors are certainly not required but these ideas might help you plan ahead so your gifts can be environmentally friendly.

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