Congratulations to Kim and Zach!!!  Not only for recently getting married but also for creating the perfect combination of traditional and modern style.  Their traditional wedding really had a lot of great modern features. 

To start, the couple chose a fantastic venue.  The Grand Ballroom at the Joliet Union Station is a National Historic building and perfect for your wedding or corporate event.  The Grand Ballroom can hold up to 350 guests and features amazing architecture, marble staircases and beautiful 45 foot ceilings with chandeliers. 

The couple chose a really refreshing color palate of black, white and light blue with accents of bright green.  It all pulled together beautifully.  My favorite aspect of this wedding is the use of the modern black and white pattern that was showcased within many of the details from invitations, ceremony programs, linens and the wedding cake display.  As you know, I LOVE patterns and texture.  Kim and Zach’s eye for style really helped create a modern look yet they were able to keep the wedding traditional. 

The bridal party looked sharp, sophisticated and perfect for summer.  I love how the bridesmaids stand out in their blue dresses and yet the reception decor really focuses more on the black, white and green.  Kim didn’t go overboard with the blue and it really worked well to incorporate more than just two colors. 

This picture of the bride with her sister/Matron of Honor and her mom is so beautiful.    Even the mother of the bride fits into the overall style of the wedding in her fantastic black and white dress (very chic). 

If you find that you have always wanted a traditional wedding but you are more of a modern girl, use some of Kim’s ideas to create the best of both worlds.  Have fun with your style and you’ll discover the perfect look for your big day!


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Cupcake Stands

January 10, 2010

Cupcakes have become a very popular dessert.  Cupcakes are super cute, trendy and perfect for any occasion.  Chicago is extremely fortunate to have so many amazing bakeries that specialize in cupcakes.  Some bakeries do not provide cupcake stands; many of my clients have asked me where they can get one or how they can make one.

Raise the Cake specializes in unique cake stands including cup cake stands.  You can even custom create one to match your personal style or event colors.  The two examples below are from

I love the freedom to create the prefect stand for every event.  Raise the Cake has all kinds of color and pattern options; great for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties etc…

Many bakeries do provide cupcake stands but keep Raise the Cake in mind if you would like to design something special.  They can be simple, elegant or modern; whatever you want!

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Winter Weddings that Sparkle

December 30, 2009

I’m loving this “sparkle” theme as shown below.  The colors of silver, gold, bronze and blush are really soft and romantic.  The sparkle element adds a lot of festive qualities without being over the top.  This idea could even be used for a New Years Eve party or winter birthday party. 

I know a lot of venues will not allow you to hang things from the ceiling but these stars are so eye-catching!  They really create a unique look; especially in a space that is a blank canvas like Prairie Productions or The Ivy Room at Tree Studios both of which do allow you to hang things like lanterns and floral pieces.

These little marzipan cherries are adorable in pink and gold.  They really help to pull the theme together nicely.  They would look fantastic on a dessert table or placed at the center of each guest table after dinner.   They are just a little something different from the usual winter desserts. 

There can be a lot of flexibility with winter weddings and events.  There are  many colors to choose from that you might not otherwise consider.  Pink, gold, bronze can be used year-round when paired with the right decor elements.

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Most of us have been lucky enough to be a guest at a wedding where the bride was generous enough to supply flip-flops for all the female guests.  Whoever originally came up with this idea is a genius. 

Another great idea is to provide yourself and your bridal party with stylish flats that match your wedding colors.  These ideas can be found at Lori’s – the Sole of Chicago. 

I have a client getting married this upcoming summer and she is buying adorable flats from The Dessy Group for her wedding party.  I also like how you can order other accessories like purses, tote bags and headbands that all match perfectly. 

Having a cute pair of flats will help you and your bridal party last longer on the dance floor without ruining your wedding day look.

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Brides have been accessorizing their wedding day hair for years!  The styles and trends have been changing recently and I’m loving the new looks! 

Feathers have really gotten popular in the last year or two!  Feathers help create a  chic and modern look.  Something a little different!  A little sassy attitude can really be fun!

Add a splash of color to brighten up your look.  You can choose a color that goes well with your bouquet or the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses!  Colored flowers add a bold, vibrant look. 

If you love the idea of something in your hair that sparkles consider a modern hair pin or brooch instead of a tiara.  Sparkle hair accessorize can really glam up your look!  I just love how soft and romantic this hair style is….the sparkle makes it really glamorous. 

Headbands have taken over by storm in the fashion world!  Look at this amazingly unique wedding day hair accessory!  She really rocks the short hair cut with a ton of personality! 

Finding a hairstyle and hair accessory that really fits the style of your wedding can really add to the overall look and feel of the event.

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As most of you know 1154 Lill is an amazing “create your own purse” boutique located in many cities.   It is the perfect idea for your bridesmaids gifts.  You can create them all yourself and surprise your ladies or you can host a purse making party and let them design their bag however they want!  You can even choose your wedding colors if you would like them to carry the purses the day of the wedding. 

Below are some ideas I just created on their website: 


Here is a great shot of 1154 Lill purses on the big day!  Every bridesmaid got a different color ruffle (pink, green, yellow, turquoise and purple)  that were all jewel toned to compliment the dresses. 


As you can see……it can be used over and over again!  It’s a great gift!

















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Beautiful Rainy Day

November 15, 2009

Brides and grooms always want a perfect sunny day so they can take pictures outside…..well Becky and Ryan had a rainy day and look how fantastic these pictures turned out!  Instead of shying away from outdoor pictures the bride and groom embraced the weather on their special day!  I have to say, it turned out ultra romantic!!!

The bride wore cowboy boots so she could walk thru the amazing, colorful, autumn leaves and not ruin her wedding shoes (or sink into the very wet ground).  A brilliant idea!

The bride chose rich, deep, colors for her floral bouquets – which matched the outdoor atmosphere perfectly! 

Each bridesmaid carried a different bouquet of autumn colored flowers.  The bride’s bouquet had a combination of all their flowers plus some mango calla lily which is the same flower as the groomsmen boutonnieres.  A very creative concept. 

The bride chose to wear black accessories, not only did she match the wedding party but she wanted to be sure she could wear her wedding day shoes and accessories again someday! 

The ceremony and reception was held at Geneva National, in Lake Geneva.  A lovely venue with views of Lake Como!  The groom’s family had spent many summers in Lake Geneva when he was growing up.  The bride always dreamed of a destination wedding.  It was the perfect fit to tie together the groom’s family history and the bride’s dream of getting married in a romantic destination.  Even better that is wasn’t too far from the big city of Chicago. 

As I mentioned in a previous post about destination weddings, accommodations are everything to the guests.  One big reason they chose Geneva National (besides how beautiful it is) is because they had really unique accommodations.  Everyone was able to stay together in little houses just steps away from all the wedding activity.  The couple really loved how much quality time they got to spend with all their guests all weekend!  

I just LOVE this photo and had to include it.  The fantastic photographer who captured all these amazing shots is Matt Mason from Ideal Impressions. Matt has recently launched his own company called Matt Mason Photography