This Week’s Tuesday Tip: Get Fit

January 19, 2010

January is the perfect month to get started with a healthy new you!  So many people set New Years resolutions to get fit and to live a healthy lifestyle.  Hiring a personal trainer focused on your goals can help you stay motivated. 

Mindy Frakes is a certified personal trainer and she is fantastic!  She will whip you into shape in the privacy of your own home. 

“Let me help you be the BEST you can be!  In home personal training with a focus on weight loss, muscle tone, and flexibility.  No more excuses, I will bring fitness to you!”



This couple has a small gym in their condo building but Mindy can work wonders in your living room.  She will bring work out equipment with her….all you really need is some free weights.  It is fun to work out together!



















Here are some tips from Mindy:

1) BE REALISTIC – Losing weight and getting in shape is part of a healthy life style, so don’t make it unhealthy by trying to lose too much weight too quickly!  A healthy steady loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is what you should strive for.

2) SET A DEADLINE – All it takes is some simple math to figure out how much you can lose by your wedding date. 30 pounds?  Leave at least 6 months….. 15 pounds?  Leave at least 3 months.  Make shorter goals within the big picture to track your progress

3) WRITE IT DOWN – Seeing everything in front of you makes it all real.  Write down EVERYTHING, what you eat, how you feel, how much exercise you’re getting, ect….. 

4) UP THE ANTE – Increase your intensity of your cardio and strength training weekly.  Brides shouldn’t be afraid of increasing their weight load.  This is required in order to challenge your body and take it past the plateau.   Increasing strength training does not equal a masculine physique

5) CHANGE YOUR MIND – Think of exercise as calming.  With all the chaos that comes with being a bride, take comfort in the fact that you can control how your body will look in your fabulous dress on your big day!   Work hard and you can do this!!!!!

***** SMILE –  Get enough sleep, exercise intensely,  eat well balanced meals, and enjoy this time.  Keeping a well balanced life will make you a happy glowing bride!

Call Mindy at 773-914-4508 to set up your assessment today


“The first session is a consultation between trainer and client. It will consist of a question and answer portion to ensure the client’s fitness goals, concerns, and needs are assessed.  Once assessed we will start to make a personalized plan of action to get you where you want to be as quick as possible!”

Private Lesson

1 session = $60

Buy 10 or more sessions price is reduced to $55


Duo training – Train with a friend or your Fiancé

 1 session = $80

 Buy 10 or more = $75

Small group – 3-5 participants

 1 session = $25 per client

 **All sessions are 60 minutes long

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