Beautiful Rainy Day

November 15, 2009

Brides and grooms always want a perfect sunny day so they can take pictures outside…..well Becky and Ryan had a rainy day and look how fantastic these pictures turned out!  Instead of shying away from outdoor pictures the bride and groom embraced the weather on their special day!  I have to say, it turned out ultra romantic!!!

The bride wore cowboy boots so she could walk thru the amazing, colorful, autumn leaves and not ruin her wedding shoes (or sink into the very wet ground).  A brilliant idea!

The bride chose rich, deep, colors for her floral bouquets – which matched the outdoor atmosphere perfectly! 

Each bridesmaid carried a different bouquet of autumn colored flowers.  The bride’s bouquet had a combination of all their flowers plus some mango calla lily which is the same flower as the groomsmen boutonnieres.  A very creative concept. 

The bride chose to wear black accessories, not only did she match the wedding party but she wanted to be sure she could wear her wedding day shoes and accessories again someday! 

The ceremony and reception was held at Geneva National, in Lake Geneva.  A lovely venue with views of Lake Como!  The groom’s family had spent many summers in Lake Geneva when he was growing up.  The bride always dreamed of a destination wedding.  It was the perfect fit to tie together the groom’s family history and the bride’s dream of getting married in a romantic destination.  Even better that is wasn’t too far from the big city of Chicago. 

As I mentioned in a previous post about destination weddings, accommodations are everything to the guests.  One big reason they chose Geneva National (besides how beautiful it is) is because they had really unique accommodations.  Everyone was able to stay together in little houses just steps away from all the wedding activity.  The couple really loved how much quality time they got to spend with all their guests all weekend!  

I just LOVE this photo and had to include it.  The fantastic photographer who captured all these amazing shots is Matt Mason from Ideal Impressions. Matt has recently launched his own company called Matt Mason Photography


One Response to “Beautiful Rainy Day”

  1. Matt Mason Says:


    This was a very well written blog. Thanks for the encouragement about the photography. It is interesting to note that many times the days that start out the worst with rain and overcast skies often turn out to have the most dramatic landscapes to work with later in the day.

    I often tell brides not to worry because some of my favorite wedding photos were shot on days that looked the bleakest. And this was the case with Becky and Ryan’s day.

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