Midwest Destination

November 12, 2009


Amanda and David wanted to have a destination wedding but it was too difficult for their families to travel too far a distance.  The couple live in Chicago but the groom’s family is from Ohio.  They decided to have their wedding in Galena, IL.  A really beautiful little town with a  lot of charm.  The happy couple had many special memories in Galena during the years they dated.  They always celebrated their anniversary in the adorable town. 

I wanted to focus on how beyond beautiful their ceremony was…..does this look like Illinois?  The ceremony was over looking a river and of course big trees and a sunny day completed the perfect romantic vibe.  A butterfly even landed on her dress in the middle of the ceremony!  I think that is a great sign of many years of health and happiness! 


The bride chose navy blue and apple green which really complimented the natural landscape of the location. 


The reception was held at the Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa.   It was a beautiful resort with a fantastic ballroom with floor to ceiling windows.  If you are dreaming of a destination wedding but still hope all your friends and family can attend you don’t have to travel too far; you can find beauty close to home.  A romantic weekend doesn’t have to be in the tropics!


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