This Week’s Tuesday Tip: Get a Guest Book

November 11, 2009

A lot of couples are skipping the guest book all together these days!  I don’t blame them, the old address style book is out dated.  Not to mention, you already have everyone’s addresses since you mailed them an invitation!   I really recommend having a modern guest book so you can preserve your guest’s warm wishes. 

Wish bowls: This gives the guests a chance to write a special note.  You can even theme the wish bowl with something like “advice for the newly weds.” After the wedding it will be nice  to read all the messages from your friends and family.  You can put all the cards in an album and keep it on your coffee table. 


Wish trees: Same idea as the wish bowl just a different presentation.  You can buy very large branches for larger groups.  The guests will enjoy this fun project. 


Photo album guest books: They are the perfect keepsake for years to come.  The guests really enjoy looking at pictures of the happy couple during the dating years.  It is really nice for distant family members who may not know you as well….gives them a taste of your personalities together as a couple.

Wish quilt:  I just love this idea! You know you’ll get a lot of use out of this!  What a great way to snuggle up on a cold day!

Coffee table guest book:  This is from my wedding!  I used to create this custom book.  I got so many compliments on the book.  The guests wrote between all the pictures with silver markers (very similar to the photo album).  I honestly do still read the warm wishes and guests that come over always want to look through it. 



2 Responses to “This Week’s Tuesday Tip: Get a Guest Book”

  1. Amber Milam Says:

    I think the wishbowl idea is genius! What a great way to get people involved and creative. Could be used at birthday parties too….wishes for the next year. Great post!

  2. Kim Urbaniak Says:

    The coffee table book is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I loved looking through all of the pics before scribbling warm wishes.

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