This Week’s Tuesday Tip – Vintage Cinematography

November 3, 2009

For years I have been on the fence about filming weddings.  Is it really necessary?  I have recently had the pleasure of working with I Do Films and they are so talented and unique you can’t help but love their style and want a film all your own. 

The big difference  is that they specialize in cinematography not videography.  They are actually putting together a short film about your special day.  It is the investment of a lifetime.  They are able to catch all your raw moments when you are not posing perfectly for the photographer.  You are excited and nervous and laughing……the film will catch it all.   Imagine  being able to watch your film on your 10 year anniversary or to play it for your kids or grandkids! 

They have a few different options of film: Super 8mm Film which resembles “The Wonder Years,” High-Definition Film which is the highest quality and gets even the sharpest detail or Digital Film. 

They are so creative and professional; I highly recommend them.  Check out their website at view some samples films.  They are fantastic and 100% different from your typical wedding video.


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