Mini Sweets like Heaven

September 17, 2009

As promised a few entries ago… are my thoughts about alternatives to wedding cake.  These mini treats are not only beautiful but they are an excellent way to serve dessert at your wedding.   Having a mini sweets table is the best way to give your guests a variety. I typically suggest serving a few items that are chocolate based, a few that are fruit based and a few that are in between – like creme brulee and cheese cake. 

You can get creative with your season too.  For example: pumpkin cheese cake squares and mini pecan pies in the fall or fresh fruit tartlets and mini fruit pies for summer. 

It is also a great way to incorporate your family’s background by serving traditional desserts like mini cannoli or baklava bites. 

Just another way to serve dessert!  You just can’t go wrong with delicious and beautiful mini sweets.


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