Wedding Decor that Pops!

August 16, 2009

You can really create so many different styles with the use of color and in many times patterns!  If you are nervous that using patterns will seem busy – consider only using patterned napkins or a few speciality tables.  Everything doesn’t have to be in a pattern. 

Regardless of the “look” you are going for – patterns and colors can help.  Linens come in so many styles – fun, bold, contemporary, romantic, traditional, floral, stripes etc….there is certainly something for everyone!

Here are some fun ideas!

This black and white linen works great for a modern black and white theme but I also love it paired with splashed of bright colors like fuchsia, teal or yellow



This bright, colorful, floral print would be perfect for a fresh, bold, summer wedding!  This fantastic floral linen can be used on all the dinner tables, then have all the side tables in one or two of the solid colors I have paired next to it.  You can also use this linen for a specialty linen on the place card table or cake table to accent the wedding colors and create texture without too much pattern.



If you are a more traditional bride this linen is so romantic with the neutral colors but it still has the same richness as the more vibrant colored linens.  This would be a stunning overlay to the dinner tables.

Here are some additional colorful, patterned linens that would  be nice as accent tables


All of the linens shown are from BBJ Linen 


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