Respect Your Venue

July 29, 2009

 It is really risky trying to plan for a beautiful wedding at an outdoor venue without a rain plan.   Before you choose your venue make sure you really really love it for exactly what it is and make sure you are willing to spend the money needed for an appropriate rain plan.  

63rd Street Beach House is about the riskiest venue in Chicago, it is an open air venue.  Granted, it does have a roof but there are no walls and it sits right on the lake so it can get very windy.  However, I do see the allure to this space……on a clear summer night it is beautiful and romantic. 

I have had two disasters at this venue  because of extreme rain and wind.   One wedding had to be moved down to the courtyard because of too much wind!! It wasn’t even raining but the wind was so strong coming off the lake and all centerpieces were blowing over.  

I have had a few great weddings at this venue.  One ended up in The Knot. 

If you are going to book an outdoor ceremony or reception you need to be 100% prepared to have a sufficient rain plan.  If a tent doesn’t fit into your budget you may want to consider another venue.  The last thing you want on your special day is a rained out party.  You do not want to be scrambling the day of the event because of terrible weather.


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