Little details add a lot of personality

July 21, 2009

Typically weddings will have a color theme but rarely do I see weddings with a detailed theme. I’m not talking about a Hawaiian theme….I’m talking about a style that runs throughout the entire event. Something like a symbol or a unique font or picture that will appear on all the printed materials (invitations, menu cards, programs, party favors etc)

I attended a wedding in Connecticut last September. The actual location was a private island, not far from Mystic (home of Mystic Pizza) called Elihu Island. The couple had a transparent map printed up and it was wrapped around each invitation, almost as a ribbon. The same map was wrapped around large vases with candles – which in turn were also the table numbers. The menu cards had the same font from the maps and the same color ink. The island ended up being the theme and it was extremely thoughtful and classy – not cheesy.

Another great example was a wedding I worked on professionally. The wedding date was 08/08/08 and the custom invitation company created a logo/symbol of intertwined 8’s. It was beautiful and modern and it wasn’t obvious at first glance that the symbol was in fact the date. This symbol appeared on all their printed materials and reflected their modern/unique personalities. The date turned into their theme…..or their non-theme.


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